Casino Regina Collective Agreement

The strike is the first work stoppage in the casino`s 14-year history. On Thursday night at Casino Regina, a picket line lined up when workers went on strike in support of demands to improve the collective agreement. The new agreement provides for a salary increase of 4.5% over five years, which will end on December 31, 2021. Details of the deal will be announced after a ratification vote in early October, Linner said. The provisional agreement was reached by PSAC (PSAC Local 40005) and the employer. The old collective agreement for striking workers expired about a year ago. SaskGaming and the PSAC met in July with the support of a conciliator, but were unable to come to an agreement. «We have a lot of single-parent families working here and they have time to go from a paycheck to a check,» said Fran Mohr, a cashier at the casino and a spokesman for the union office. «We`re just asking for a night premium.» Casino Regina employees reached a preliminary agreement with Casino Regina after threats of prosecution in July. Your local meeting is at 19:00.m, the third Wednesday of each month except July and August. Your meetings will be held at the Regina UHN office. READ MORE: Casino Regina employees are ready to go after voting in favor of a strike The deal reached last week addresses several workplace issues as well as financial security, according to Marianne Hladun, PSAC`s regional executive vice president. Dental Information Coughlin and Associates Ltd.

manages the RWDSU dental plan. Please click here for the dental notebook and click here for the application form. RW Dental – Highlight of Benefits «SGC has put forward an offer that doesn`t even keep up with inflation, which would indeed mean a reduction in wages for these workers who are already among the lowest paid in the crown sector. The Parties to this Agreement intend to establish, within the framework provided for by law, an effective working relationship based on the principles of mutual respect and reciprocity. It also includes a 0.5% increase in the pension plan, which is adapted by the employer, an improvement in the attendance management system, new provisions for religious and cultural traditions, compassionate holidays and a one-day increase for bereavement and family responsibility leave. Casino Regina is one of two sites owned by the Saskatchewan Crown Corporation. Moose Jaw Casino is not affected by the conflict. The employer recognizes the union as a former negotiator for all employees in the bargaining unit. The last contract expired on December 31, 2016. Negotiations have been ongoing since 2017. «The workers at Casino Regina deserve to be treated with respect,» said Marianne Hladun, Regional Executive Vice President for the PSAC Prairie Region in July.

This is the Public Utilities Alliance of Canada (PSAC), according to Thomas Linner, a spokesman for Casino Regina`s bargaining team. Casino Regina managers have said they will keep the operation open at reduced hours, even though not all games will be available. Workers have threatened to act to find better shift bonuses, wage increases and improved absenteeism guidelines. In a statement, management said it would do everything to keep the casino open and encouraged the union to return to the bargaining table. Casino Regina Collective Agreement expires February 6, 2023 for disclaimer for collective agreements Please note that all meetings are subject to change. Please check with your steward shop manager to confirm this. Your staff representative, Paul Guillet, works from the Regina office. 1233 Winnipeg Street Regina, SK S4R 1K1 Direct Line: 306-569-7612 Toll Free: 1-877-747-9378 Fax: 306-569-9521 Casino Regina (food and beverage) is located at Local 568, General Division. The position of the ward of the head shop is currently vacant. WATCH: (September 2, 2019) Labour Day Barbecue brings discussions on raising the minimum wage in Saskatchewan PSAC members unanimously recommend the adoption of the agreement.

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