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(ii) On February 22, 2013, the Minister of Finance announced that the Government would amend the Stamp Duty Regulations to adjust the value stamp duty (DSA) rates. The new DSA rates are as follows: Form CR 109 must be submitted to the Rating and Evaluation Department within one month of the conclusion of the lease or lease. If Form CR 109 is filed after one month after the conclusion of the lease or lease, a penalty of $310 USD must be paid. In addition, the non-filing of form CR 109 will result in the lessor not being able to take legal action to recover the rent. From the lessor`s point of view, it is therefore essential that form CR 109 be submitted to the rating and evaluation service. The justification for a national lease can be made orally or through a lease or lease. The differences between a lease and a lease include the duration and formality of the execution. If the term of the lease does not exceed three years, a lease agreement is usually concluded. This is done in writing and involves a simpler method of execution. The lease may or may not be registered. If the duration exceeds three years, a rental agreement is required in accordance with Article 4(1) of the Transfers and Immovable Property Regulations (Cap. 219). This must be established by act and must follow the formal procedure for the implementation of an act.

In accordance with section 3 of the Cadastre Regulations (Chap. 128), a lease must be registered with the cadastre. Note: Stamp duty is usually divided equally between the lessor and the tenant. To learn more about stamp duty, click here to see. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has developed a simple stamp duty calculation program with which you can use the instruments of transfer of ownership (e.g.B. contracts for the sale of residential real estate and transfers of non-residential property) and leases. All you need to do is enter the price/value of the property or the duration and rental of the lease and then press the «Calculate» button. The amount of stamp duty to be paid is indicated. 4.25% of the consideration, even if the rent must be paid as part of the rental agreement.

Otherwise, the same tax as in the case of a sale of real estate The amount of stamp duty to be paid depends on the current rates, the duration of the rental agreement and the rent to be paid by the tenant under the rental agreement. . . .

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